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PubSwift can publish your business notices plus any legal notices that are required to be published.
Starting 4/1/2022, we will be transitioning from physical to electronic affidavits.
Once we receive the affidavit of publication from the newspaper an electronic copy will be emailed to you for your business records.
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Nebraska Corporate Name Publishing Order Form

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How to find your business information

1. Click the following link to open the Nebraska Secretary of State website in a new tab: Nebraska Secretary of State
2. Select “Name Starts With”, enter your Business Name, and click “Perform Search”.
3. Click on the name of your business and you will see your business information. This is the information you will need to complete our order form.

Nebraska Corporate Name Publishing Requirements

In accordance with the requirements of Nebraska Statute §21-2,229 notice of incorporation, amendment, merger, or share exchange of a domestic corporation shall be published for three successive weeks in some legal newspaper of general circulation in the county where the corporation’s principal office, or, if none in this state, its registered office, is located. Proof of such publication shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State in order to be in compliance with the State of Nebraska law.

If proof of publication is not filed with the Secretary of State you are not in compliance with the Nebraska Law.

You have registered a corporation with the state of Nebraska, but you may not have published your notice of incorporation. Registering your corporation with the state of Nebraska and publishing your notice of incorporation in an approved newspaper is not the same. If you published your notice of incorporation in an approved newspaper you should have received a notarized affidavit of publication which is a copy of the published announcement from the newspaper. If you do not have this affidavit then you need to publish your notice of incorporation in an approved newspaper and file the proof of publication with the Secretary of State.

In compliance with the statute, Business Name Publishing, at your request, drafts and publishes the announcement with a newspaper in the county where your business is located and files the notarized affidavit of publication with the Secretary of State in accordance with Nebraska Law.

Please complete the Nebraska Business Name Publishing form and we will publish your business name so that you can be in compliance with the State of Nebraska Statute.

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